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Barrier Health Super Pluse Fly Repellent

Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

This fly repellent is HSE fully approved, the super strength 100% natural formula is Barrier Healthcare's number one seller.

Price: From £13.40

• Powerful natural formula
• Blend of herb oils and pure essential oils
• Added avocado oil for healthy skin and coat
• Calms and soothes midge/fly bites
• Long-lasting formulation
• Fully HSE approved
• Gentle enough to use on sore or broken skin
• Deters midges, bots, horse flies, black flies, face flies and stable flies

By direct application of Super Plus fly repellent to horses and ponies you provide a defence against nasty flying insects including midges, face flies, black flies, horse flies, bots and house flies. They all cause irritation to horses and ponies during the spring, summer and autumn months when we get warm and damp conditions, ideal for these flying insects.

This fly repellent is not only designed by Barrier Animal Health to protect against the flies and midges but also provide a soothing action for any bites sustained, helping to reduce the need to rub and calm sore areas.

Super Plus Fly repellent contains no chemicals and is manufactured using all natural ingredients, so is not only a long lasting and effective but also kind to the environment.

Some fly repellents can have a drying effect on the horses skin and coat but Barrier have added avocado oil, which helps the to condition the horses hair and nourish his skin. Avocado oil is an excellent conditioner containing vitamins A, D and E ideal when the skin becomes dry and flaky in the warmer weather. The effective blend of concentrated herb oils and pure essential oils are gentle to skin and help to keep your horse looking great and more comfortable during often hot and dry summer months.