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Dublin Supaflex Dressage Whip

Dublin Supaflex Dressage Whip

The Dublin Supaflex Dressage Whip is an ideal whip for training and schooling, with stylish silver-coloured cap and a flexible design.

Price: From £7.25

• Classic dressage whip
• Available in 110cm and 120cm
• Lightweight and flexible
• Stylish silver-coloured cap
• Ideal for dressage training and schooling

This is a good whip to use when dressage training and schooling, in a longer length of 110cm and 120cm that is ideal for larger horses. The Dublin Supaflex Dressage Whip is easy and comfortable to carry made from lightweight and flexible materials. It has a stylish silver-coloured cap at the end to stop the whip slipping through your fingers.

The Dublin Supaflex Dressage Whip is ideal as an aid to the legs during training.

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