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OSS-I-CHAFF Strawsorb

Oss-I-Chaff Strawsorb

Strawsorb is a highly absorbent bedding that helps reduce the amount of waste when mucking out daily.

Price: £8.99

• Highly absorbent which helps reduce amount of waste.
• Helps prevent stains on your horses rugs and in the stable.
• Eco friendly and alternative to shavings.

Strawsorb is dust extracted made from chopped rape straw. It is chopped to short lengths which makes it easy to muck out.

This product can also help prevent stains that have appeared on your horses stable and rugs.

Rape straw is soft and eco friendly and is an alternative to shavings.

It comes in convenient to lift bales which is ideal for horse owners with bad backs. Due to its high absorbency it reduces the amount of waste.