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Lead Out Cable
Lead Out Cable
Gallagher Lead Out Soft Cable 1.6mm 25m

Gallagher Standard Lead Out Cable

Gallagher Lead Out Cable is ideal for carrying power for your electric fence for short distances for example gateways.

Price: £37.10

• Double insulated cable
• Ideal for gateways to carry power
• Supplied on a spool
• Can be used underground
• 25m and 50m rolls in 1.6mm thickness
• 100m roll in 2.5mm thickness

Lead Out Cable connects your electric fence to the energiser, it can be run underground for example in gateways to continue the power. Available in a 50m or 100m roll supplied on a spool. The 1.6mm thickness cable should be used for shorter distances and the 2.5mm cable for over 30m. If the Lead Out Cable is used underground it is recommended that it should be threaded through a pipe to avoid damage.