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Net-tex Stain Remover

Nettex Stain Remover

Nettex Stain Remover can be used on all skin types and coat colours and effectively removes stable and grass stains.

Price: £11.87

• Can be used on all coat colours and skin types
• Effectively removes stable and grass stains
• Quick results and easy to use
• When used regularly can help to prevent the build-up of stains

Use Stain Remover for ingrained stable and grass stains apply the stain remover for quick results and effective stain removal. You can use the Nettex stain remover spray on all skin types and coat colours.

For light coloured horses use the stain remover regularly to help prevent a build-up of stubborn stains and to help make stains much easier to remove. Supplied in an easy trigger spray bottle for quick application and results.