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SoloRake from SoloComb Ltd a mane and tail thinner

SoloGroom SoloRake

The SoloRake is a fabulous mane and tail thinner and provides a pain free pulled look.

Price: £16.80

• Double headed grooming rake
• Use on the mane and tail
• Easily removes hairs
• Ideal for shaping, finishing and thinning
• Rounded tooth combs remove dead undercoat
• Helps to remove tangles

SoloRake is two headed to save time and money, and will work on the most sensitive animal. The rubber grip handle and well balanced tool enables the SoloRake to sit comfortably in your hand.

The coarse blade (9 teeth) is brilliant for tails and manes, or on a horse that hasn't been tidied before. It manages a large amount of hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy finish in minutes.

The thinner blades (17 teeth) are perfect for the average type of mane and tail. It's ideal for finishing thick manes and tails after other blades have shaped them.
The SoloRake also works on pets coats. Simply rake through the pet's coat and stop when the coat is thinned to your liking.