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Bedmax Shavings

Bedmax Shavings

Bedmax Shavings will give your horse more comfort and protection, but gives you less work and less expense.

Price: £10.45

• Offers comfort and protection - but less work and expense.
• Dust free so perfect for horses with dust allergies.
• Extra support for horses with foot problems.

Bedmax is dust free and made from natural pine which has traditionally been used for its antiseptic properties so it will be perfect if your horse suffers with dust allergies.

Made from springy pine to create a deep bed that will protect your horse's joints (especially hocks) when they lay down or have a little roll about. The larger flakes create a more 'stable' level that does not move around or leave bare patches, so less days with knocked joints and less visits to the vet.

Large shavings provide extra support for horses hooves, so also ideal for horses with foot problems.

Approximately 18kg bale.