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Net-Tex Seven Day Mud Away
Net-Tex Seven Day Mud Away
Nettex Seven Day Mud Away

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away

Seven Day Mud Away is an innovative formula that helps to prevent mud from sticking to your horse's coat, mane and tail, making grooming much easier.

Price: £13.96

o Mud repellent for coat, mane and tail
o Innovative formula helps to stop mud sticking
o Makes grooming easier and quicker
o Leaves the coat glossy and smooth
o Provides a barrier against mud related conditions
o Reduces the amount of leg washing in winter
o Quick and easy to use - convenient spray bottle
o Can be used all year round - great smell too!
o Ideal for muddy turnout conditions

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away is the perfect additional to any grooming box, ideal for use on the coat, mane and tail, all year round but particularly great in those wet and muddy winter months when grooming can be a tough job. It is formulated with pharmaceutical grade oils that give the hair a glossy and shinyfeel that not only makes your hose look great but plays a key part help to stop mud from sticking. In wet and muddy conditions grooming can be a tricky job, but Seven Day Mud Away helps to significantly reduce the amount of mud that sticks to the coat and hair. It stays on the coat for up to seven days making it supereasy to simply brush away dried on mud when grooming, leaving a beautifully glossy coat underneath. This innovative grooming product can also be used to provide protection against mud related conditions such as Mud Fever. Simply apply to the areas usually affected, spraying onto the coat to create a barrieragainst the mud, which will help to stop mud from sticking and keep the area significantly cleaner. It is important to note that you must not use Seven Day Mud Away on areas already affected, only use on areas that have fully healed - where the coat has grown back, as a preventative measure and extra protection. Use Seven Day Mud Away once a week to prevent mud from attaching and penetrating the horses coat and hair. In the winter Seven Day Mud Away will help to reduce the amount of leg washing you need to do, which is great on those really cold winter days when the last your horse wants is wet legs and the last thing you want to do is