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Burns Sensitive+ Duck and Brown Rice

Burns Sensitive+

Burns Sensitive+ is a complete food made using only high quality premium ingredients, formulated specifically for adult dogs with digestive sensitivities.

Price: From £14.99

• Wholesome and complete adult food
• High quality ingredients
• No wheat, beef, soya or dairy
• Formulated for dogs with sensitive digestion
• Omega 6 - healthy skin and a glossy coat
• Nutrient dense formula - economical
• Suitable for adult and senior dogs
• Less common protein (duck) - help with sensitivities
• With brown rice - source of B vitamins, fibre and minerals
• Made in the UK

Burns Sensitive+ is complete food with all the essential nutrients your adult and senior dog needs for good overall health and condition, made using only the finest high quality ingredients. It is free from many of the common ingredients that can cause digestive upset including wheat, beef, soya and dairy products, helping to support digestive health and prevent sensitivities.

The exclusion of many common proteins and the use of the rare duck protein may help to alleviate digestive and skin sensitivities caused by certain proteins and food stuffs. Burns Sensitive+ is nutrient dense with lower feeding amounts compared to many other standard premium brands, making it very economical and also creating less waste to be cleared up.

It is highly digestible and carefully formulated for dogs with skin and digestive sensitivities, helping to promote good overall health and wellbeing in dogs with allergies and food intolerances. Burns Sensitive+ contains omega 6 to support healthy skin and a glossy coat with higher levels of fibre for all-round digestive health.

Burns Sensitive+ is made in the UK with wholesome quality natural ingredients.