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TopSpec Senior Lite Balancer 15kg

TopSpec Senior Lite Balancer

TopSpec Senior Lite Feed Balancer is designed for elderly horses that are prone to weight gain.

Price: £41.03

TopSpec Senior Lite Feed Balancer combines the benefits of a low-calorie feed balancer and a joint supplement,in a highly cost-effective way. Senior Lite Feed Balancer is formulated without cereal grains and provides only low levels of sugar and starch. It is important to keep the starch intake of elderly horses low when fibre intake is compromised, in order to maintain healthy hindgut function and avoid loose droppings. Senior Lite Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to help maintain mobility. This rate is 10 grams of glucosamine/500kg horse/day.
Senior Lite Feed Balancer contains yeast probiotics to support healthy
digestion. The probiotics are particularly beneficial for elderly horses
suffering from stress e.g. during changes in routine, given less than ideal
turnout time, losing a companion, recovering from illness, after worming and
during or after a course of antibiotics.
Feeding Senior Lite Feed Balancer will not promote weight gain when fed as part of a calorie-controlled diet.
Typical Nutritional Analysis:
Oil % 3.7
Protein % 15.0
Fibre % 17.0
DE MJ/kg 9.1
Starch % 7.0
Calcium %2.4
Magnesium % 0.6
Vitamin E IU/kg 1,500
Biotin mg/kg 30.0

The typical ingredients in TopSpec Senior Lite Feed Balancer are high-fibre oatby-product, wheatfeed, soya hulls (GM), linseed expeller, grass, soya bean meal(GM), vitamin and mineral premix, unmolassed beet pulp, molasses, glucosamine
HCI, yeast, MOS.