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NetTex Just For Scaly Legs

Nettex Scaly Leg Spray

Scaly Leg Spray is a specially blended formulation designed to eliminate and effectively control the scaly leg parasite in one simple spray application.

Price: From £11.33

• Eliminates and controls the scaly leg parasite
• Eliminates the source of irritation
• Provides a natural barrier to protect the legs
• Helps to soothe, soften and cleanse scales for relief from discomfort

A 3in1 scaly leg solution that helps soothe, soften and cleanse scales whilst creating an inhabitable environment for mites.

Directions: Spray directly onto the legs, feet, comb and wattles to treat infested areas. Repeat every 5-6 days (to break the egg cycle) until the infestation has gone.