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Buckler Safety Lace Boot
Buckler Safety Lace Boot
Buckler Safety Lace Boot Brown

Buckler Safety Lace Boot

Buckbootz Safety Lace Boots are the new generation of injection moulded safety boots.

Price: £89.80

• Anti-scuff Toe Protector
• Antistatic (A)
• Heat (3 0 C) Resistant Rubber Outsole
• Memory Insoles
• Oil Resistant Rubber Outsole
• Slip Resistant - max test (SRC)
• Steel Anti-Penetration Midsole (P)
• Steel Safety Toe Cap (SB)
• Waterproof (WRU)
• Dark Brown Crazy Horse Leather
• Sole - Buckshot Rubber PU Sole

The introduction of Buckshot 2 features some new styles and updated versions of existing styles, all with a completely new Buckshot 2 rubber outsole.

Ideal for use in the following sectors: Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Maintenance, Trades and Utilities.