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HySHINE Tack Box Violet
HySHINE Tack Box Violet
HySHINE Tack Box Opal
HySHINE Tack Box Grey

Hy SHINE Tack Box

The HySHINE Tack Box is super practical, with a removable tray and available in a range of colours.

Price: £19.99

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• Smart and practical tack box
• Removable tray
• Hoof oil brush holder
• Reinforced lid can be sat or stood on
• Dimensions (mm): 400x275x245
• Available in a range of colours

A high specification tack box suitable for all equestrian needs. Features a removable tray for convenience. A removable hoof oil brush holder ensures things stay nice and clean inside. Strong, reinforced lid can be sat or stood on. Dimensions(mm): 400x275x245(h).