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Stubben SEQ Soft Touch Roller Spurs

Stubben SEQ Soft Touch Roller Spurs

SEQ Soft Touch Roller Spurs kind on sensitive horses.

Price: £39.95

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- Easy for all day use on many different horses
- Kind on sensitive horses as the rowel will roll when there is unintentional contact
- Non-slip material
- Boots protection
- More gentle and more effective
- Smooth rounded loubes
- Made of flexible stainless steel that allows the user to form the spur to the individual size, need and comfort
- Because of their flexibility SEQ-SPURS fit both men and women.

Ideal for introducing a horse or rider to spurs for the first time. The Stubben SEQ Soft Touch Spurs are a great choice for every day wear, use on sensitive horses or as a pair of first time spurs (for horse or rider). Made from flexible materials for easy adjustment and the covering also adds boot protection.