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Brinvale Robin Songbird Mix

Brinvale Robin Songbird Mix

The dried mealworms in this bird food for robins are a brilliant source of protein and essential fats for any insectivorous wild bird.

Price: £7.64

The berry suet pellets are a suitable alternative for any bird that prefers to eat fruit.

This wild bird mix has a base of cracked small grains, peanut grounds and sunflower hearts, all of which provide high amounts of energy for small garden birds. Add the allure of whole raisins and you're left with a bird food for robins that is likely to attract a myriad of wild birds to your garden as well as attracting robins.

Brinvale Robin Insect Mix Contains:
Red Millet, Berry Suet Pellets, Cut Wheat, Raisins, Pinhead Oatmeal, Dried Mealworms, Peanut Grains and Sunflower Hearts

Suitable for feeding from: They can be fed from a ground tray or bird table.