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HyVIZ Reflector Phone & Key Holder

HyVIZ Reflector Phone & Key Holder

The HiVIZ Reflector Phone and Key Holder is perfect for use out hacking to store your important items whilst providing extra visibility.

Price: £8.95

• Bright fluorescent neoprene
• Silver reflective strips
• High visibility in low light
• Transparent panel
• Useful zipped pocket
• Touch rape strap

This HyVIZ reflective armband will keep both you and your phone safe during your ride. Bright fluorescent yellow neoprene with silver reflective stripes provides high visibility in low light. The armband incorporates a transparent panel for your mobile phone and there is also a useful zipped pocket with reflective Hy logo to hold your keys. A touch tape strap secures this practical, multi-use accessory.