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Pet Products Rawhide Pressed Knuckles 4.5"

PPI Rawhide Pressed Bone Pack

Rawhide pressed bones are naturally very tough to provide long lasting enjoyment and entertainment for your dog, a tasty treat for dogs that love to chew!

Price: £13.00

• Solid pressed rawhide bones
• Range of sizes
• Long lasting chewable treat
• Softens as your dog chews!
• Naturally tasty
• Ideal for dogs who like to chew

Rawhide pressed bones are made from solid pressed cattle hide that provides a longer lasting treat ideal for dogs who like to chew. They can be used to help with training to keep your dog entertained and help stop them from chewing things they shouldn't. They soften as your dog chews them to provide further enjoyment, a naturally chewable treat. Different sizes cater for dogs medium and large to provide the ideal sized treat for them to chew.

Store in a cool dry place and feed on a surface that will not stain.
Feed as a reward and part of a balanced diet.