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Burns Puppy Mini

Burns Puppy Mini

Burns Puppy Mini has been carefully formulated for small and toy breed puppies, providing a complete and balanced diet to promote healthy growth.

Price: £14.99

• Complete food for small breed puppies
• Promotes healthy skin and coat
• Supports joint development
• Small kibble for little mouths
• Hypo-allergenic - no wheat gluten, beef or dairy
• With chicken and fish for essential amino acids
• Suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
• Nutrient dense - economical and cost effective
• Naturally delicious - chicken and rice

Burns Puppy Mini is complete and fully balanced with all the nutrients your small breed puppy needs for healthy growth and development. It contains wholesome chicken and fish, which provide essential amino acids and sunflower oil containing linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat as well as energy levels.

The key nutrients balanced in the Puppy Mini recipe helps to support joint health and development, whilst also supporting digestive wellbeing to ensure your puppy can get the most from their food. Rice and oats have been added to the delicious Puppy Mini recipe to provide a highly digestible source of carbohydrates, ideal for sensitive stomachs.

The hypo-allergenic formula makes Puppy Mini suitable for small and toy breed puppies with digestive and skin sensitivities, free from gluten wheat, beef, soya and dairy, commonly associated with digestive upsets. Only premium quality ingredients are used to create the Puppy Mini recipe, ensuring a naturally wholesome and delicious meal to help your puppy grown into a healthy and active adult dog.

Store in a cool dry place.