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Equine America Pump For 3.8L Tub

Equine America Pump for 3.8L Tub

Pump Dispenser for use on 3.8 litre container fits the Equine America large liquid containers for quick and easy dispensing of liquid supplements.

Price: £5.40

• Dispensing pump
• Screws onto 3.8 litre container
• 16" long from pump to bottom of pipe
• Fits most 3.8 litre plastic supplement containers

This is a very useful Pump that will enable you to dispense your supplement easily. It screws onto a 3.8 litre plastic container which makes using larger sized liquid supplements easier. This pump will fit onto ProPell liquid from Equine America, but will also fit some other plastic containers containing 3.8 litres of liquid.

Measures 16" long
Diameter of screw top 1 1/2"
Spout 2"