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Harrisons Protector Seed Feeder

Harrisons Protector Seed Feeder

The Harrisons Protector Seed Feeder is squirrel proof with a sturdy design and outer cage to keep out pests, yet allow all small wild birds to feed freely.

Price: £23.99

• Durable outer cage
• Die cast durable feeder
• Squirrel proof design
• Birds feed safely inside the cage
• Weather resistant
• Easy to fill - simply lift off cage and lid
• Easy to clean to promote good feeding hygiene
• Sturdy handle for hanging the feeder
• Ideal for seed mixes and sunflower hearts

Harrisons Protector Seed Feeder is made from strong and durable materials with an effective outer cage that prevents squirrels and larger birds such as pigeons from feeding. The holes in the cage allow smaller birds to feed safely inside, with two handy perches allowing birds to stop and rest as they feed.

The Protector Feeder is ideal for all seed mixes and sunflower hearts, providing a safe place for the rarer garden bird species to feed. It is easy to fill the feeder, simply lift off the cage and the lid of the seed feeder to fill with your chosen seed mix. The sturdy metal handle allows you to suspend the feeder in a safe and suitable place out of the reach of predators.

It is made from weather resistant materials that can withstand all weather to provide year round, easy and convenient feeding. You can easily clean all parts of the protector seed feeder to promote good feeding hygiene and ensure birds are kept healthy.

The Harrisons Protector Seed Feeder is ideal if you have many squirrels, pigeons and other unwanted visitors taking the wild bird food in your garden, keeping it safe so that only the rarer small garden birds can make the most of the food you provide.