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Harrisons Protector Peanut Feeder

Harrisons Protector Peanut Feeder

Harrisons Protector Peanut Feeder features an outer cage to keep out squirrels and provide a safe place for wild birds to feed, without competing with pests.

Price: £23.99

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• Squirrel proof peanut feeder
• Sturdy outer cage
• Durable die cast feeder
• Provides a safe place for birds to feed
• Weather resistant materials
• Easy to fill - simply lift off cage and lid
• Easy to keep clean - all parts can be cleaned
• Suitable for Harrisons Premium Peanuts

Harrisons Protector Peanut Feeder provides a safe place for wild birds to feed, with an outer cage that features larger holes to allow small birds to safely feed. It is made from durable weather proof materials designed to withstand the variable weather conditions, season after season.

The Protector Peanut Feeder is very easy to fill, simply lift off the cage and the lid of the die cast feeder inside, then fill the feeder with the desired amount of peanuts. It is important to keep the feeder clean to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria, and all parts of the feeder and cage can easily be cleaned to promote good feeding hygiene.

If many squirrels and other larger birds visit your garden that often take large helpings of the wild bird food, leaving the smaller birds with very little food and costing you more money, then using a Protector Feeder will help to resolves the problem. Premium Peanuts are naturally high in oil and provide a rich source of energy to help birds through the winter.

Feeding Tips:

Position the feeder in a suitable place that is safe and easy for birds to access. Clean the feeder regularly and ensure feeder is dry before refilling.