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LeMieux ProIce Freeze Boots

LeMieux ProIce Freeze Boots

The new LeMieux ProIce Freeze Boots provide targeted Ice Cold directly to Tendons and Joints

Price: From £79.84

The foil lining effectively insulates and prolongs the cold effect, whilst the soft mesh lining protects skin from freeze burn and allows for maximum transfer of cold

The unique Hypo-Freeze Gel remains soft and contours around the lower limb ensuring maximum surface contact with Tendons and Joints

Regular use of the ProIce boots for short periods (20-30mins) after intense exercise for preventative purposes to ensure ligaments, tendons and joints remain tight. The sooner temperature of tendons can be reduced after work the better. This can apply to high intensity dressage as well as galloping, jumping and x-country

Instructions for Use
Place boots or inserts in freezer for minimum 4-6hrs or overnight prior to app lication. Use in short 20-30min sessions/multiple times daily in severe cases. Press securely to mould gel. Ensure straps are firmly closed but not over tight
Maintenance & Management
Use of ProIce boots can prevent the onset of localised swelling and heat. The purpose of using cold is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage.