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Harrisons Premium Peanuts

Harrisons Premium Peanuts

Harrisons Premium Peanuts are high in protein, energy and oils making them ideal for winter feeding but also beneficial in the busy summer and spring periods.

Price: From £8.50

• Premium quality peanuts
• Favourite food of all birds
• Particular favourite of finches, tits and woodpeckers
• High in protein, energy and oils
• Certified Aflotoxin safe for birds
• Ideal for the busy spring/summer period
• Essential winter food

Harrisons Premium Peanuts are a great variety attractor and particularly appeal to finches, tits, and woodpeckers but are a favourite with many other species. They are naturally high in proteins, essential oils and energy levels making them ideal for busy spring and summer breeding times, replenishing lost energy levels to maintain health and condition.

Only high quality premium peanuts are used for Harrisons peanuts, certified Aflotoxins safe for birds, ensuring a healthy food for a wide range of birds. Peanuts are an essential winter food as birds lose condition and use energy during cold temperatures to stay warm, so offering a high energy food rich in oils and protein will help wild birds to replenishes their energy sources and winter well.

Premium peanuts are best fed from a small holed wire mesh feeder designed for peanuts, to encourage birds to take smaller piece instead of whole nuts. This is most important during the breeding season when parents may use the feed you provide to feed their fledglings. Fledglings are unable to eat whole peanuts so you could feed peanut granules as an alternative during the breeding season.

Harrisons Premium Peanuts are perfect for feeding all year round, offering a high energy food to help all wild birds maintain condition.