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Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix

Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix

Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix is the ultimate variety attractor with the widest selection of seeds in any one mix to encourage many species to your garden.

Price: From £4.99

• The ultimate variety attractor
• Widest selection of seeds in a mix
• Wheat free to discourage pigeons and doves
• Reduces mess and waste
• Safe for fledglings - suitable all year round
• Ideal for free flowing seed feeders
• Can also be fed from the ground and table
• High quality variety seed mix

Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix contains a wide variety of seeds, the widest selection of all the seed mixes in the Harrison range making it a great variety attractor. It is free from wheat to discourage pigeons and doves, appealing to rarer species and in turn helping to reduce mess and wastage often caused by these larger birds and the addition of wheat.

Premier Wild Bird Mix safe for fledglings so can be fed all year round, made with a combination of safe to feed smaller seeds that parent birds can safely feed to their young during the breeding season. It is ideal for feeding from a free flowing seed feeder due to the natural flowing nature of the seeds, but can also be offered from the ground or on a feeding table to attract different species that don't like to eat from feeders.

It attracts many different species of birds including all of the birds in the Tit family, House Sparrows, Finches, Robins and possibly even Thrushes and Dunnocks. Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix is the perfect mix for every season, made with only high quality seeds to attract a variety of beautiful birds to your garden.