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Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver 3 pack

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

The unique formulation of Vamoosh is effective at dissolving pet hair in your washing machine leaving it hygienically clean and pet hair free!

Price: £5.12

• Easy to use sachets
• Dissolves hair with active oxygen
• Leaves washing machine clean and hair free
• Helps to eliminate odours
• Leaves bedding hygienically clean
• No chemical residue
• Contains no chlorine bleach
• Ideal for pet beds, blankets and dog towels

Vamoosh's special patent pending formula is based on the fact that hair fibre, which is made of keratin, does not dissolve in water. Keratin proteins are linked together by two sulphurs which join together to form an S-S bond (or a disulphide bond).

VAMOOSH breaks up Keratin by using active oxygen to break down the S-S bond (disulphide bond). The breaking of the S-S bond breaks up the hair into smaller pieces and ultimately dissolves it. Very clever!

Directions for use:
1) Pour the contents of one sachet of Vamoosh directly into your washing machine dispenser drawer (For larger loads, we recommend using two sachets of Vamoosh).
2) Add your usual detergent (plus fabric softener if you wish to maintain softness)
3) Add your pet bedding, taking care not to overload the machine with too much bedding at one time (as there needs to be room for the Vamoosh to work)
4) Run the longest, hottest cycle (85/95 degrees). At the end of the cycle, dry the bedding as usual.