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Weatherbeeta Pair Of PP Elastic Leg Straps

Weatherbeeta Pair Of PP Elastic Leg Straps

This pair of Elastic Leg Straps are a useful accessory, ideal for keeping in the tack room to replace broken or damaged straps.

Price: £6.50

• Flexible elasticated straps
• Strong and durable webbing
• Adjustable for a good fit
• Supplied in a pair
• Ideal for replacing broken or lost straps

The Weatherbeeta Elastic Leg Straps are very useful as a replacement for any that have been damaged or broken. They can also be added to a rug that only has a fillet string to give the rug a little extra security and help it stay in place. The straps are a combination of elastic and webbing with a simple trigger clip fastening.

You can adjust the straps to fit your horse; be sure to check they aren't too loose to causing a hazard and equally not too tight so that they rub on your horse's legs. They are supplied in a pair and will fit a wide range of rugs.

How to use:

Attach one end of each leg strap to the D or loop on the inside at the rear of the rug. Then pass the leg strap between your horses legs and linking the straps at the middle then clip onto the back of the blanket to hold it in place one on each side. Ensure there is at least a hands width between the leg strap and your horses leg for the best fit.

Materials: Webbing