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Chappie Original CIL 412g
Chappie Original CIL 412g
Chappie Original CIL 412g
Chappie Original 1260g

Chappie Original

Chappie tinned dog food original is fully balanced and complete, developed with vets and research from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

Price: £1.60

• Fully balanced and complete
• Contains omega 3 and 6
• Natural fibre for healthy digestion
• Calcium and phosphorous
• Rich in white fish
• Free from eggs and dairy
• NO red meat or soya
• No artificial colours or flavours
• Developed by vets

Chappie original tinned food is fully balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals to provide a complete meal for your adult dog. Chappie has been developed by vets and nutritionists from the Waltham Centre for Pet Care and Nutrition, using their renowned research to develop a nutritionally healthy food for dogs.

Chappie original contains no eggs or diary and is free from red meat and soya, making it good for many dogs who suffer from nutritional allergies and skin problems. It is free from artificial colours and flavours and rich in white fish, a good source of protein and lower in fat.

Chappie is fortified with essential fatty acids containing omega 3 and 6, renowned for their support for healthy skin and coat. Natural fibres actively promote healthy digestion, with the lighter meat sources from chicken and fish are gentle on your dogs stomach.

Calcium and phosphorous support strong and healthy bones, ensuring your dog is ready for whatever the day brings!