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Leovet No Rub

Leovet No Rub

Leovet No Rub is a highly effective formula against dandruff and itchy manes and tails.

Price: £13.99

• Actively controls dandruff and itchiness
• Soothes to prevent itching and hair damage
• Contains bio-sulphurous fluid and urea
• Promotes healthy shiny hair
• Frees your horse from dandruff
• Prevents frayed hair and bald roots

Leovet No Rub contains bio-sulphurous fluid and urea which supports normal biological processes to encourage healthy skin and shiny hair from root to tip. It is soothing, helping to make itchiness disappear in turn preventing frayed manes and tails and bald roots.

Ideal for horses and ponies who suffer with itchy skin and dandruff.