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Brinvale Niger Seed

Brinvale Niger Seeds

Niger seed, or nyjer seed (and even thistle seed) as they are sometimes called, are very small seeds favoured by Goldfinches and Siskins.

Price: £8.82

What is Niger Seed?
Even though they have been referred to as thistle seed they are much more closely related to sunflower seeds.

Originally as seeds from the African Yellow Daisy, they are crammed full of essential oils that provide a good source of fat and protein. In the winter wild birds rely on eating high-calorie foods to help them to store fat to survive the cold temperatures, Niger seeds will provide these calories and the seed's protein content will help them to regenerate feathers in the moulting season.

As the seed itself is very small, it is essential to offer this from a specially made feeder which is purposely designed with small feeding ports to avoid spillage. We would definitely recommend adding a tray too to catch any possible spillages.

It is essential to purchase good quality Niger Seed, as if the seed becomes old, the oil content is reduced resulting in a dry stale seed which wild birds will not eat.