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Brinvale Nice N Clean Wild Bird Food

Brinvale Nice N Clean Wild Bird Food

This high energy no grow bird seed has the added bonus of producing minimal to no waste caused by birds feeding.

Price: From £6.62

There are no husks on any of the ingredients and every bit of the mix is likely to get eaten before it has a chance to be left lying around in your garden.

One of the main ingredients is sunflower hearts which are extremely popular amongst a wide variety of wild birds, these de-husked sunflower seeds also offer a very large amount of energy and require very little energy to eat. All of the other ingredients in this no mess bird seed mix are also favoured by most wild birds and have either been micronised, kibbled or ground to help avoid any of them taking root in your garden.

Brinvale Nice 'N' Clean Mix Contains:
Sunflower Hearts, Kibbled Maize, Micronised Wheat and Peanut Grains

Suitable for feeding from: They can be fed from any wild bird seed feeder, a ground tray or bird table.