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Red Gorilla Straight Handle Bedding Fork

Red Gorilla New Straight Handle Riddler Fork

The New Straight Handle Riddler Fork is strong, lightweight and durable with a unique design for efficient mucking out and less bedding waste.

Price: £29.95

• Lightweight, strong and durable
• Premium aluminium straight handle
• Unique registered design
• Minimise bedding waste
• Moving materials such as straw, hay, wood chips and mulch
• Spread shavings to make the bed more comfortable
• Mucking out stable

The New Straight Handle Riddler Shavings Fork features an all-new design and all-new colours. Its unique registered design combines a traditional bedding fork with unique wavy tines to reduce bedding waste. The new Riddler has increased durability and features a new lightweight aluminium handle. Now half a kilo lighter, the Riddler is a super-strong shavings fork with hardened tempered metal tines which make this a product built to last. Please note that the dimensions are the handle length.

Width: 40cm
Length: 125cm