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Harrisons Metal Ground Feeding Tray

Harrisons Metal Ground Feeding Tray

The Harrisons Metal Ground Feeding Tray is free standing and provides a more convenient way to offer food from the ground, keeping it contained.

Price: £5.99

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• Convenient ground feeding tray
• Durable weather resistant metal
• Free standing - lifted off the ground
• Mesh base to allow rainwater to drain
• Holds good quantity of food
• Attracts variety of ground feeding birds

The Harrisons Metal Ground Feeding Tray provides a very convenient way of offering food at ground level, attracting a variety of species that prefer to feed from the ground. It features a mesh base that allows rainwater to drain through, preventing flooding of the tray.

The Metal Ground Feeding Tray is made from durable metal, creating a weather resistant finish that is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. The small legs allow the tray to free stand off the ground, promoting good drainage and to help prevent any dirt or debris from contaminating the food. It holds a large quantity of food, enough to last the day, preventing you from having to refill the feeder more than once each day.

Feeding from the ground attracts different species such as the Robin and Blackbird, which do not like to use feeders. The Harrisons Metal Ground Feeding Tray is ideal for many gardens, creating a very convenient ground feeding station that is also easy to keep clean.

Feeding Tips:

It is important to position the feeding tray in a suitable place that is safe and away from the risk of predators. Keep feeding areas clean to promote good feeding hygiene and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and disease. Clear any left over food regularly to discourage pests.