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Gold Label Leather Wipes

Gold Label Leather Wipes

Leather Wipes are very handy, take them to a show for a quick clean up and ideal for keeping your tack tidy between thorough weekly cleans.

Price: £8.10

• Quick and easy to use
• Supplied in a convenient container
• Ideal for taking to a show
• Contains Glycerine and saddle soap
• Ready to use

Leather wipes are great to take with you to a show or competition. They are ready to use and dispense easily from their handy container. With Glycerine and saddle soap, Gold Label Tack Cleaning Wipes condition and clean your tack, efficiently removing surface dirt to protect the leather from damage and wear. Ideal for a quick touch up of your leather tack and last minute finishing touches helping you to achieve perfect turn out. Always close the lid firmly so the wipes do not dry out.

Contains 100 wipes.