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Flexalan Leather Dressing

This is a lanolised leather dressing to soften and waterproof saddlery. It can be used for all articles made from leather.

Price: £8.41

• Quick and easy to apply
• Brush-on application
• Softens and waterproofs
• Renovates leather
• Suitable for most leather items

Flexalan is a time saving preparation to soften and waterproof all leather goods. It can be used for saddlery, boots and all articles made from leather. It should be applied with a brush and will be easily absorbed into the leather. You can apply further applications as necessary until the desired flexibility is acquired. When the article has been treated it can be rinsed off with cold water after use. The leather item will be waterproof and will not harden if stored correctly. Flexalan will give a dark rich sheen to leather and is non-sticky. The can should be shaken well before use.