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Barrier Lavender Wash

Barrier Lavender Wash

Lavender wash will soothe any minor cuts ideal for use after exercise a must have item in your horses kit.

Price: From £10.49

• Concentrated
• Low lather
• No rinse
• Contains Lavender and coconut
• Soothes minor cuts and bruises
• Free from all prohibited substances under FEI and HRA rules
• Non toxic
• Non irritating

Use this wash after exercise and it will soothe the horses skin, and help to disperse any bruising especially on the legs with its high grade essential and natural herbal oils. It can safely be used on minor cuts and abrasions. This is a concentrated formula where a little goes a long way. There is very low lather and no need to rinse. Lavender Wash does not contain any prohibited substances under FEI and HRA rules.
Directions for Use:
Add approximately 5/6 capfuls to a standard bucket of water. sponge down and leave to dry naturally. Can be applied neat to bruised areas, minor cuts and grazes. No need to rinse as it is very low lathering. Leave to dry naturally. This product is great for removing event grease from the legs after a competition.