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Carr, Day & Martin Liniment

Carr & Day & Martin Lavender Liniment

Lavender Liniment from Carr & Day & Martin has been developed for the treatment of swellings or stiff muscles for your horse with the dual action of menthol.

Price: £13.50

• Dual action liniment
• Menthol offers heating and cooling benefits
• Witch hazel to reduce bruising
• Arnica to reduce inflammation
• Rosemary and lavender to help improve circulation
• Use on swellings, tight muscles and stiff joints
• Can be used neat and diluted
• Ideal addition to your first aid box

This dual purpose liniment can be used neat on swellings to help reduce inflammation yet can also be used as a soothing wash when diluted. The carefully chosen natural ingredients of Menthol, Witch Hazel and Arnica are well know for their beneficial soothing qualities that help to reduce swelling, bruising and reduce pain. Lavender and Rosemary are also important ingredients, Lavender for its antiseptic properties and Rosemary for reduction of swelling, analgesic and antioxidant assistance.

The Liniment can also be used to help relax stiff muscles after exercise, whilst the Menthol has a dual effect by either cooling or heating the area where applied. It is ideal for use after strenuous exercise, helping to reduce the physical effects that rigorous exercise can cause.

How to use after exercise:
To use as a wash mix with 20 parts water and apply liberally with a sponge. The liniment can be mixed with cold water for a refreshing wash or warm water to ease tired and aching muscles.

How to use on swellings:
Use neat apply to affected area and gently massage in.