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Fyna-Lite Junior Shavings Fork D Handle
Fyna-Lite Junior Shavings Fork D Handle
Fyna-Lite Junior Shavings Fork Long Handle

Fyna-Lite Junior Shavings Fork

The Fyna-Lite JUNIOR STABLE FORK has been designed specially for children and small users. The Junior fork is as popular with adults as it is with kids!

Price: £32.04

This fork is a scaled down version of the popular Fyna-Lite Shavings fork for the younger user. Because an enthusiasm for riding often starts at an early age, a smaller and more appropriate fork was designed to meet children's needs. This allows them to become more involved and helps establish good practise and responsibility for the horse. It is also an important breakthrough for parents as mucking out can be left to the kids! It is also very popular with smaller users and ladies.

Advanced features of the Fyna-Lite Junior Stable Fork:

Spring steel tines are designed to be flexible in order to follow the floor of the bed and then to return into place.
Designed to allow shavings to fall through whilst leaving the manure behind making valuable savings in bedding costs.
Allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable.
Perfectly balanced - makes mucking out less back breaking!
Tough long lasting finish.
Superior quality - Fyna-Lite Shavings forks use very strong but lightweight high specification steel & high-carbon spring steel wire tines.