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TopSpec Joint Balancer 15kg

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer

TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer is a Non-Heating feed that combines the benefits of a top specification conditioning feed balancer with a joint supplement

Price: £48.21

Joint Feed Balancer combines the benefits of a top specification conditioning
feed balancer (TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer) and a joint supplement. It is a superb product for a wide variety of horses, from those working very hard to those on box-rest. Joint Feed Balancer is a very palatable Non-Heating
feed which can be fed on its own or with additional feed where extra condition is required. Joint Feed Balancer is formulated without cereal grains and
provides only low levels of sugar and starch.

Joint Feed Balancer includes the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine in a daily quantity of feed to support healthy joints. This rate is 10 grams of glucosamine/500kg horse/day.

High levels of manganese and vitamin C are also included as they are important for cartilage synthesis.

Typical Nutritional Analysis:
Oil % 5.5
Protein % 25.0
Fibre % 8.5
DE MJ/kg 12.5
Starch % 8.0
Calcium % 2.4
Magnesium % 0.6
Vitamin E IU/kg 2,500
Biotin mg/kg 30.0

The typical ingredients in TopSpec Joint Feed Balancer are soya bean meal (GM),wheatfeed, grass, high fibre oat by-product, linseed expeller, vitamin and
mineral premix, molasses, unmolassed beet pulp, glucosamine HCI, soya oil (GM),full fat soya (GM), yeast, lysine, MOS, methionine.