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JP Korsteel Half Cheek Snaffle

Korsteel JP Half Cheek Snaffle

Half Cheek Snaffle with the JP curve.

Price: £24.95

• Half Cheek
• Single jointed snaffle
• JP curved mouthpiece
• Korsteel
• Stainless steel
• Eggbutt style ring

This Half Cheek Snaffle sometimes called a hanging snaffle bit has a single jointed mouthpiece and has the eggbutt style ring. The mouthpiece is a slightly curved shape designed by John Patterson for Korsteel. John Patterson developed the curved design from his experience as a world-renowned trainer and jockey to enhance performance and comfort for the horse. The JP curve reduces pinching and reduces direct pressure on the tongue. It also helps to stop the bit hitting the roof of the mouth and will encourage salivation and relaxation of the jaw.