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Suregrow horse and pony paddock fertiliser

Suregrow Horse & Pony Paddock Fertiliser

Specially formulated for use on horse and pony paddocks to provide optimum grass growth without having to remove the horse from the paddock.

Price: £25.00

o Contains the major nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur) needed for grazing grass growth
o Slow nutrient release ingredients avoids lush grass growth
o Sustained grass growth
o Stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward
o Helps to suppress weeds by promoting a thicker grass sward
o No need to remove horses during application providing there is 50mm (2ins) of grass
o Can be spread by hand
o Available in 20kg bags

Suregrow avoids lush growth & associated health problems through content of slow release nutrients. Suregrow produces nutrients in the grass essential for the well-being of horses. It lengthens the growing period of the grass providing more standing forage. Suregrow stimulates root development & strength ensuring quick recovery of damaged areas of turf. The movement of stock during application not normally required.