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Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Grease

Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Grease

Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Grease contains laurel and eucalyptus to nourish and strengthen hooves naturally.

Price: £9.50

• With laurel and eucalyptus
• Nourishes and strengthens hooves
• Regenerates brittle and cracking horn
• Promotes natural growth and elasticity
• Absorbs quickly and seals in moisture
• Maintains hooves natural breathability
• Supports beautifully healthy hooves
• Contains NO petroleum jelly or parabens

Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Grease is made with a combination of laurel and eucalyptus, formulated to support naturally healthy hooves. It regenerates brittle and cracking horn whilst promoting natural growth and hoof elasticity.

The grease is absorbed quickly without suffocating the hoof, retaining natural breathability and sealing in moisture for perfectly finished hooves.