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Korsteel Hollow Mouth 3 Ring Dutch Gag

Korsteel Hollow Mouth 3 Ring Dutch Gag

This is a 3 ring Dutch gag horse bit with a single jointed hollow mouthpiece.

Price: £22.00

Dutch/Continental Gags:
Should be worn with 2 reins preferably; the first rein should be used on the snaffle ring, which is the ring adjacent to the mouthpiece. This rein is then used just like a loose ring hanging cheek bit, which uses poll pressure and lip pressure due to the sliding loose ring also applies various pressures in the mouth depending on the mouthpiece it is in conjunction with. The second rein should be attached to one of the rings below, the lower rings produce increased leverage. In the instance of using 2 reins then the bit can be used as a hanging cheek bit and then when more help is required, the second rein can be brought into play. If the bit is only used with one rein on the lower rings, then the pressure is applied constantly and no pressure release is available for the horse
Hollow Mouthpiece Bits:
This bit is a lightweight bit due to the fact it is hollow! The hollow mouth bits should be checked regularly as sometimes with them being hollow they can dent if the horse chews. The Hollow mouthed bits are renowned for being milder or kinder than the solid mouth pieces, this is because the hollow mouthpieces are thicker in diameter which means the pressure of the mouthpiece on the lips is
distributed over a larger area. This may be the case for those horses who have enough room in their mouths, but it also may prove uncomfortable in some cases (e.g. those horses with thicker lips and thicker tongues) and may result in the horse not being able to close their mouths as they have too much in there! -
Please be aware that if you use such a thick bit, not to use it with a flash noseband as you may restrict your horse from swallowing.