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Himalayan Salt Stone

KM Elite Himalayan Salt Stone

These Himalayan Salt Stones are high quality natural salt licks which can be hung in either the stable or the field, suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys !

Price: From £5.50

Key Benefits:

• High quality natural salt lick
• Contains 98% salt, twice as much as processed salt licks
• Ideal for hanging in the stable and field
• Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys

KM Elite Himalayan Salt Stones come from natural sources and get their distinctive pink colour from the magnesium, calcium and iron that they naturally contain. They are hard wearing by nature and do not get easily worn away in damp or wet conditions, making them last longer and in turn more cost effective than traditional salt licks.

They can be easily hung in the stable or field using the rope provided with them (packaged within the hole of the salt stone).

These Himalayan salt stones contain 98% salt which is twice as much as a standard processed salt lick, and are suitable to feed to donkeys as well as horses and ponies.