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Dodson & Horrell Leisure Mix
Dodson & Horrell Leisure Mix
Dodson & Horrell High Fibre Mix

Dodson & Horrell High Fibre Mix

Leisure Mix as it name denotes is a feed ideal for horses and ponies doing light work or at rest.

Price: £11.29

• Muesli style mix
• High in fibre
• Suitable for good doers
• Low in cereals
• Suitable for horses and ponies on high forage diet
• Palatable for fussy feeders
• Vitamins and minerals top up

This feed developed by Dodson and Horrell is aimed at the leisure horse. Leisure mix suits those horses and ponies who tend to become overweight. It is high in fibre and low in cereals. If you horse or pony has a mainly forage diet this mix will add the vitamins and minerals that may be missing from the hay or grass. It is a palatable feed that even fussy feeders will enjoy.