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Spillers High Fibre Cubes

Spillers High Fibre Cubes

SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes are a safe, low calorie feed suitable for all horses and ponies with maintenance or low energy requirements.

Price: £16.28

Like SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF®, SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes are fully approved by The Laminitis Trust as suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Low starch, high fibre formulation makes SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes ideal for good doers, native ponies and box resting horses

SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes are non-heating*, making them ideal for excitable horses and ponies in light work.

SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes feature the unique Bio-active System; a blend of natural fibre sources that help support gut health and digestion.

Ideal for veterans with poor teeth as SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes can be soaked with warm water for 30 minutes to form a mash.

A non-heating feed is one that is less likely to produce excitable behaviour in some horses and ponies when fed at the recommended rate.
For more information on laminitis and practical management tips, please call
the SPILLERS® Care-Line for a technical bulletin.