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Brinvale Hedgehog Biscuit

Brinvale Hedgehog Biscuit

Brinvale specially formulated Hedgehog Food is a great choice for all kinds of hedgehog visitors to your garden and is sure to prove popular and well loved.

Price: £3.38

Hedgehog Biscuit is made from crunchy, pea sized nuggets that are the absolute ideal size for hedgehogs to feed on and digest. The meat based crunchy biscuits are natural and tasty too, making them the all around perfect feed. These unique biscuits contain nutrients and energy so are a much needed addition when it comes to supporting and fuelling hedgehogs, especially in their lead up to hibernation.

The best food of Hedgehogs at this time is feed which is quick to eat and packed with goodness, making our Hedgehog biscuit the perfect choice. Hedgehogs ideally need to consume 100 grams of food a day in order to achieve a suitable weight in readiness for hibernation, so providing a feed which is high in energy as well as quick and easy to consume and digest is idea.

Brinvale have a range of ideal Wild hedgehog food. Hedgehog Biscuit is also available with added mealworms as their specialised Hedgehog Biscuit Boost as well as their much loved Fruity Hog Snack.