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Harrisons Hammertone Mini Peanut Feeder

Harrisons Hammertone Peanut/Suet Feeders

The Harrisons Hammertone Peanut/Suet Feeder is a durable stylish feeder available in two finishes and sizes, to provide a convenient way to feed the birds.

Price: £6.48

• Durable peanut/suet feeder
• Available in two stylish finishes
• Easy to clean and fill with feed
• Drainage holes in the base
• Mini and regular sizes available
• Sturdy loop for hanging the feeder
• Suitable for peanuts and suet pellets*

* Except mini feeders, which are only suitable for peanuts.

The Harrisons Hammertone Peanut/Suet feeder is made from durable materials in either silver or copper finish, creating a very practical yet stylish feeder for any garden. It is very easy to fill with a simple twist and lift off lid, which also allows for easy cleaning to ensure good feeding hygiene.

The Feeder can be easily hung from a purpose made bracket, tree or feeding station using the sturdy loop on the top of the Hammertone Feeder. Drainage holes in the base prevent the feeder from becoming flooded with rain water, helping to prevent clogging with food.

Keep your wild garden birds happy with highly nutritious peanuts or suet pellets throughout winter when they need additional calories to stay warm. The regular size Hammertone Feeders are suitable for either whole peanuts or suet pellets, and make feeding really easy and convenient.

Feeding Tips:

Make sure the feeder is positioned in a safe and suitable place, out of the reach of predators to ensure wild birds are not vulnerable when feeding.