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Stubben Hamanol Leather Conditioner

Stubben Hamanol Leather Conditioner

Stubben Hamanol is a quality leather conditioner designed to restore texture and refresh leather items.

Price: £8.46

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• Refreshes and restores leather
• Replenishes texture and grip
• Quality and value in one

Stubben Hamanol leather conditioner helps to restore the natural texture of the leather, helping with grip. Hamanol refreshes leather, helping to maintain great condition and suppleness, prolonging the life of your leather items.

Hamanol was designed in conjunction with Stubben leather tanners and helps to care for and nourish leather items.

Use Hamanol on clean tack; apply sparingly rubbing into leather with a clean sponge or cloth. Allow to dry and soak into the leather naturally. Buff into a healthy shine using a clean and dry cloth.