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Harrisons Green Die Cast Nyger Feeder

Harrisons Green Die Cast Nyger Feeder

The Harrisons Range of Niger Seed Feeders are specially designed for the very small niger seeds, made from high quality durable materials in three finishes.

Price: From £12.98

• Durable niger seed feeder
• 3 distinctive metal finishes
• Perches for easy feeding
• Easy to fill and clean
• Squirrel resistant design
• Quality materials and design
• Convenient carry handle
• Specially designed for niger seeds

The Harrisons Range of Niger Seed Feeders are made from high quality materials and come in three distinctive finishes, creating a range of stylish looks that are ideal for any garden. They feature a convenient carry handle, which make it easy to hang the feeder in the most suitable and safe place. The sturdy design is squirrel resistant, designed to help keep pests at bay and prevent the waste of food designed specifically for wild birds.

This durable niger seed feeder is very easy to fill and keep clean, made from die-cast metals, which can be simply washed down to prevent the build up of bacteria. Simply fill the feeder by removing the lift-off lid and pour in the required amount of niger seed. It may be best to use a jug or similar to pour the niger seed into the feeder, to help prevent spillages.

The Harrisons Niger Seed Feeders are perfect for any garden, offering a very sturdy and hardwearing feeder that provides a very convenient way of feeding the fine niger seeds.

Placement: Make sure the feeder is positioned in a safe and suitable place, away from the threat of predators and any unnecessary obstructions. Hang the feeder high off the ground to keep birds safe from ground predators.