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NAF GastrAid

NAF Gastriaid

NAF GastriAid helps to maintain optimum gut condition and function, whilst soothing the stomach wall for overall health and wellbeing.

Price: £33.95

• Formulated to maintain optimum gut health
• Promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Helps to maintain consistent pH levels in the gut
• Naturally soothes the stomach wall
• Supports overall wellbeing and superior performance

NAF GastriAid has been carefully formulated to provide advanced and unique blend of key ingredients to maintain optimum gut health. It also soothes the stomach wall and supports the balance of pH levels within the gut.

Horses Loading rate (3-10 days) - 120g per day (6 scoops)
Horses Standard Maintenance - 60g per day (3 scoops)
Ponies Loading rate - 80g per day (4 scoops)
Ponies Standard Maintenance - 40g per day (2 scoops)

Psyllium seeds, Sodium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate, Lucerne (high temperature dried), Rapeseed oil, Brewers yeast, Yeast product, Chicory inulin, Sodium chloride, Calcium stearate.